Peter Pan's Flight Returns

Last Wednesday, Peter Pan's Flight officially reopened after a lengthy, several month refurbishment that saw pretty much the entire ride rebuilt with refinished sets and animatronics.

A few of the ride from the queue reveals the bedroom of the Darling children.
 This ride holds dear memories for so many people, as evidenced by its typically long lines.  The wait for Peter Pan's Flight is usually the lengthiest of all the Fantasyland dark rides, and for good reason.  Taking guests out over London and off to Never Never Land is a wondrous dream.  I know that as a child, I thought it was so magical to soar out of the windows of the Darling household and out onto the city.  When I was young, the magic was absolutely real, and I completely bought into the illusion of flight.  As an adult, I still treasure the experience I had as a child, and I know that many other Disney fans do also and value passing that experience onto the next generation. 

With just a bit of pixie dust, Wendy, John, and Michael can fly!

So, it's certainly wonderful to have this classic ride back.  The new refurbishment looks great, and similar to Alice in Wonderland, the added effects are subtle and enhance the ride.  In fact, I'd venture to say that those who were unaware that effects had been added would not have noticed them.  To me, that means the Imagineers did their job perfectly. And thanks to the restoration and enhancement work, this classic ride will be enjoyed to its fullest by new generations to come! 

In the meantime, enjoy these photos taken from my visits last Thursday and Friday.

Guests are whisked out over the rooftops of London, where Tinker Bell leads the way.

That spectacular unveil of aerial London has always been breathtaking, and the rebuilt set looks great!

Peter Pan and the Darlings land on a hand of Big Ben.

On the opposite side, there's a nifty Hidden Mickey!

And then, after passing by the second star to the right and heading straight on till morning, guests arrive at Never Never Land.

Tiger Lily has been captured by Captain Hook and his gang and awaits certain doom, unless Peter Pan can save the day.

And he does!

One thing I noticed while editing photos... there's a mistake with this Captain Hook animatronic.  He's normally right handed, with his hook on his left hand, but in this model, it's the opposite!

Peter Pan wins, and he sails the Chicken of the Sea off.

The pixie dust sprinkle effect is very similar to what Disneyland Paris features!

As the ride concludes, guests see Smee trying to save Captain Hook from Tick-Tock.
The now-flying pirate ship sails away, and that wraps up the ride!


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