Grizzly River Splashdown

Now that summer is fully upon us, a trip to the parks often means having to beat the heat, especially in the middle of the day.  At Disney California Adventure, the best way to do this is via a ride over the rapids of Grizzly River Run.  And the finale of the ride offers multiple chances to get drenched and cool down.  If the spinning drop into the splashdown (the first of its type when the ride opened) doesn't do it, then the geysers waiting to prey upon unsuspecting riders probably will.  Either way, there's a good chance guests will come off the ride wetter than they did going on!

The spinning splashdown provides one chance to get wet, and the spin randomizes who gets the splash!

Bystanders observe the thrilling drop.

Yeah, there's definitely a lot of water.


And then there are the geysers along the final turnaround of the ride, before it returns to the loading dock.

Geysers can come from the sides and even underneath the rafts!


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