A Monster's Night

Part three of my Paint the Night series picks up after the reused World of Color puppets and hones in on the stars of Pixar's fourth animated feature, Monsters, Inc.  The single float is not the largest or most elaborate, but it's a fun, media-heavy float that features the zaniness of the movie.  Sulley and Mike head up the front and end of the float, respectively, while rotating screens show humorous scenes from the movie franchise by allowing glimpses into Monstropolis.  It's all rather cute, and here are a dozen photos to illustrate the point.

The Monsters, Inc. float coming up Main Street.
The large displays feature a plethora of scenes.
They rotate around in synchronized fashion.
Sulley helms the controls.
There are some pretty hilarious moments shown on screen.
And there's Mike Wazowski, waving to guest as the float passes.

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