Sunset on Paradise Park

The end of last month was sort of odd for Southern California. Usually, June is known for its "June Gloom," an entire month filled with gray skies, dreary light, and mild temperatures.  And that did happen--for the first half of the month.  And then the second half came, and Southern California's weather got drunk, forgot its identity, and turned into the East Coast.

Well, not literally, but it was uncomfortably warm and humid for the last couple of weeks of June, and while the combination of heat and humidity didn't actually match the discomfort found in places like Houston, Chicago, or New York during the summer, it was still unwelcome for Southern Californians absolutely not used to these conditions. 

On the other hand, the muggy skies did provide for some pretty nice sunsets not traditionally found during this time of year.  So at last for photographers, the humidity was slightly worth it.  Sort of.

A dramatic sunset on a humid day made the mugginess a little bit worth it.


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