The Autumn Flower Shop

A couple of years ago, around Christmas time, a flower stand sprang up on the east side of Center Street, just off the midpoint of Main Street.  A throwback to similar features from many years ago, this was met with fondness and nostalgia.  But it seemed to last only a month or two at most before the floral shop disappeared again.

This Halloween season, it seems to have manifested itself back on Center Street, which is a pleasant surprise.  The scope is not quite as extensive as the previous iteration, but it's still a nice little touch added to Main Street.  I enjoy these little unadvertised bonuses.  They provide the occasional variety for someone like me who goes regularly, and even though it's nothing extravagant, I appreciate the effort for this small touch.

The flower market just off Main Street seems to have re-apparated for the Halloween season. Who knows how long it will remain?  Perhaps the security member is guarding the flower stand so it doesn't go away!


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