Halloween Tree Bokeh

Usually, when I am photographing, I aim to take the sharpest, most crisp photo that can.  That way, every last detail can be rendered with great clarity.  However, as I've mentioned from time to time, there's only so many shots you can do at Disneyland before you realize you're basically taking pictures of the same thing, so at some point, your mind wanders, and you try to get creative.  Well, on Friday, at the end of Mickey's Halloween Party, I found myself on a photo run and in front of the Halloween Tree.  I snapped various angles, but then decided to do some more experimental work.  The easiest of these was to simply NOT focus my lens and instead create some fun bokeh effects. 

Bokeh, in case you're not aware, is a Japanese-originated term that refers to the pleasing out of focus qualities of points of light.  It's normally used as a background or foreground framing device to enhance the actual subject, but as a field, it still creates a pretty artistic effect.  What do you think? Should I try getting similar shots at other locations around the park?

A defocused Halloween Tree in Frontierland makes for a great abstract subject.


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