It's Always Sunny in Main Street... During Halloween Time

A couple of random housekeeping ('k, not really) notes for today's post:
  1. This is the 1200th post on this blog, ever!  That's not really a milestone number, but it's a round one, and I just happened to notice it while typing out the blog entry.
  2. If you haven't noticed, I haven't actually featured any Halloween photos from this year yet.  That's because I actually haven't been to Disneyland since Halloween Time began.  However, the decorations are mostly the same every year (this year, they've retained the 60th Anniversary diamond motifs to go along with the autumn leaves and bunting), so the atmosphere is still similar.  Why haven't I made it?  Well, a combination of being busy at work plus focusing on haunted attraction updates over at friends-of-the-blog Westcoaster, where I'm taking a greater lead in posting updates.  If you're a Halloween event fan, go check it out!
That's... actually about it.  Enjoy this photo of Main Street during Halloween time.  The lighting and bright day don't scream Halloween, but the welcoming mood echoes the family fun aspects of the spooky holiday!

A sunny afternoon during Halloween Time.


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