Snapshots from a Halloween Party

Exactly one year ago today, I attended my first ever Mickey's Halloween Party with my friend, Heather, from Disney Food Blog.  It ended up being a wildly fantastic fun and ridiculous time and started a tradition that continued last night, when I went with Heather and her band of merry Disney fans to Mickey's Halloween Party again.  Those photos will be showing up in these last two weeks of Halloween, but for today, I'm posting a few shots from last year's event.  It seems silly to go to Disneyland to trick or treat, but once you're there doing it, it becomes strangely addictive.  Plus, there are all the great costumes people where to the event--some very impressive to behold.

So suffice to say, I think I'll be making this an annual thing.  It doesn't hurt that hanging out with Heather means being part of a massive themed group that catches a lot of attention.  But it's all a lot of fun, which is the most important part of the family Halloween season.  "Trick or Treat!" we say, but most of the time, we're really hoping for a treat!

Trick or treating inside the Golden Horseshoe.

Trick or Treating in a pirate-themed area... in Frontierland.
Trick or treating inside the Village Haus.

And then there's this cast member scarecrow who chats with anyone who decides to talk to him.  And those who don't too!


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