Main Street Spooks

Happy Halloween!  I hope you are enjoying a fun-filled spookiest of all holidays.  Halloween is the season of trick or treat, but seeing as this blog is devoted to eye candy, I've been dispensing mainly in treats.  And here's another...

During Mickey's Halloween Party, Main Street, U.S.A. is lit up in the same facade projections used during the Disneyland Forever fireworks.  This wonderful feature wasn't really something that was advertised, and I would have never known about if I hadn't stayed past 7pm on a Halloween Party night (and then, a week later, attended the event).  The result is an incredible sight up and down Disneyland entrance land, and a fantastic and photogenic display that brings joy to the heart... and the eyes.  Here are just a few angles of the Main Street projections found only at Mickey's Halloween Party!

Looking down Main Street during Mickey's Halloween Party.
A few facades, such as Candy Palace and Refreshment Corner.

On the east side of the street...

The projections cycle through a variety of Halloween-related scenes!

They are a visual spectacle and quite lovely to behold!


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