The Mighty Temple

There were a few shots of Tokyo Disney Sea I knew I had to get when I visited, and one of them was a nighttime shot of the temple that houses the Indiana Jones Adventure at Tokyo Disney Sea.  This massive pyramid, nestled in the Mexican jungle, is a towering behemoth that is a mixture of both actual massive scale and fantastic use of perspective.  And at night, the deep purple hues mixed with the blazing torch light make for an incredible scene. 

Since the Tokyo Disney Resort does not allow tripods of any sort, I had to be creative to get this shot.  Fortunately, there was a trashcan almost centered with the temple, which I used to get the shot.  Unfortunately, it took me nearly half an hour of waiting for both the scene to clear and also people to stop stopping in front of that idol right in front, lest they ghost into my long exposure (and this required a couple of long ones, including one half a minute long!).  In the end, I didn't quite notice that my lense was so wide that it captured a guest sitting off to the left.  But after further editing, I kind of like that he's there, admiring this gorgeous sight, possibly awestruck by the beauty and majesty that is Tokyo Disney Sea!

The massive Aztec temple that encloses Indiana Jones Temple of Crystal Skull is spellbinding at night.


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