In and Around Mysterious Island II

Last month, I posted some scenes around the majestic themed land that is Mysterious Island--the heart and crown of Tokyo Disney Sea.  It is so meticulously detailed and marvelous to explore, and photos really don't do it just, but since I took a bunch anyway, here are some more to check out!

Nautilus Galley below, Mount Prometheus above, and the queue into 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea beyond.
Mysterious Island is a bustling "hub" in a sense.  Pathways to four other lands diverge from this area.
The sun begins to set over the profile of Disney Sea's resident volcano.

A carved out tunnel-way leads to exciting lands beyond.
The lower level sports a nice dining area in Nautilus Galley, home to delicious gyoza, turkey legs, and beverages.
An earth digging machine is still plunged into the side of the mountain.
Closer to the waterfront level.
The Nautilus submarine serves as nothing more than theming.  Yup... theming.


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