Main Street Windows: Toy Story

We're back with a second installment of a series looking at the fantastic Main Street Emporium storefront windows, redone for the Disneyland 60th anniversary celebration.  Last time, we took a look at The Princess and the Frog, and today, we look at a window dedicated to the Toy Story franchise, the one that launched it all for Pixar.

This display isn't quite as elaborate as the others, at least from a transformational quality, but it's definitely pretty adorable and a lot of fun.  Lets take a gander!

Upon first glance, we see Andy playing with Buzz and Woody as the rest of the toys stand transfixed.

Reach for the sky, to infinity and beyond!
Then, after Andy goes away, the toys come out to play.
Spanish Mode Buzz Lightyear whisks Jessie around an intimate dance.

The Little Green Men throw down their jail door, and the rest of the toys cheer on the dancing duo.

The scene isn't as lengthy as some of the others, but it's still pretty fantastic!


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