Adventures with the Crystal Skull

Tokyo Disney Sea's Indiana Jones Adventure ride shares a lot of parallels to the Disneyland California version, but instead of a forbidden eye, it's a crystal skull, and like the Eye of Mara, this skull seems pretty angry and has potent supernatural powers!  We first glimpse it in the main hallway where it is exhibited.  But later, we encounter its visage across a rickety bridge, and finally (in a scene not found in California), a skeletal face sculpture that blows a dramatic smoke ring towards riders.  There are tons of exciting moments throughout the attraction.  And after riding it, I really wish California had an equivalent of the added special effect!

Guests encounter the Crystal Skull in the first hallway after departing the loading platform.
Later, they come face to face with this stony skull face!
It's a pretty spectacular effect... that smoke ring shot towards riders.


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