Inside the Holiday Nightmare

The Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare is Tokyo's Nightmare Before Christmas overlay onto the Haunted Mansion.  It's a wonderful version, with special scenes not featured in Anaheim's overlay, especially given the layout that mimicks Florida's Haunted Mansion.  Here are some more snapshots inside the ride!

Jack has wrecked the halls of the Haunted Mansion.
There are signs of Jack Skellington everywhere, just as there are in Anaheim's Haunted Mansion.
"Happy Halloween!" he proclaims in Japanese.

In the library, Zero wraps some tinsel around a book tree.
Plenty of treats for our favorite ghostly pup!
Vampire Teddy exists in Tokyo too.
Madame Leota is joined by Lock, Shock, and Barrel.
The attic has some familiar spooky scenes.
Then it's onto the graveyard outside.
It's most certainly covered in ghostly white snow!
Things seem brighter in this version compared to Anaheim Disneyland's.
One more surprise by Oogie Boogie's helpers before the ride ends!


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