Out of the Belfry

One of the additions to Buena Vista Street this autumn has been a bit of embellishment, courtesy of Mr. Oogie Boogie.  He's taken over the land, as you may have heard, and all along the neighborhood, there are little signs of his presence, from the eerie purple lights and bunting throughout to the cute bats littered everywhere.  But the most noticeable is the Carthay Circle Restaurant, which has been draped in purple banners and has gone completely to the bats.  In fact, they seem to be flying out of the tower en masse, fluttering into the night sky.  It's sort of gaudy, but I love this transformation.  It's fun and spooky and charming at the same time, and part of why California Adventure has been so lovely this Halloween season!

Oogie Boogie's got creatures flying out of everywhere this Halloween on Buena Vista Street!


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