The Haunted Hallway

One of the great things about my Nikon D600 is that it can go up to ISO 6400 as part of its standard range, which is incredibly useful when I have to shoot something in a very dark setting.  Now, you may have noticed that pretty much all of my recent nighttime photographs have been super clean, well exposed, hyper-realistic compositions. That's because I've used a tripod (or set the camera on a very stable surface) and shot pretty much at ISO 100, thus minimizing the noise that would occur in the photo. The tradeoff is that I have to use long shutter speeds to balance out the exposure, but this is not really an issue when I have a tripod available.

In the photo below, however, a tripod was not available, so I had to freehand. Here's where the high ISO performance comes in handy.  Although keen eyes will note that the image is noisier than usual, I think it's still pretty clean.  Consider that a point-and-shoot would have reduced this image to a static-filled mess, and even my old Nikon D300 would have rendered a lot of grain into the image, and I'd say that the result here is pretty good.  Or at least acceptable given the spur of the moment decision to capture a rarely-seen empty Haunted Mansion hallway in the middle of a "lightning strike!"

Lighting illuminates an empty hallway at the Haunted Mansion.


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