Crossing the Waters

Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront is turn-of-the-(20th) century Eastern Seaboard Americana, with a gritty yet romantic urban feel transitioning to a charming New England seaside village.  The crux of this changeover occurs near the S.S. Columbia steamliner that's been docked up down the road from the Hotel Hightower.  Here, an iron trussed arch bridge connects two boroughs, giving a distinctive, New York-like feel.  Helping this illusion is the real life Tokyo Bay located beyond the breakwater, continuing the waters of Disney Sea out into the actual sea.  It's a splendid scene that really harkens back to the golden age of trans-oceanic travel, and it represents the fantasy of voyage in this incredible theme park.

Crossing the bridge between the Cape Cod and New York portions of American Waterfront.


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