The Start of a Voyage

Pop quiz! Name something that all three of the Disney Resorts in Asia share.

Well, actually, there are many answers to this, but today, the answer is water features outside their entrance areas.  Hong Kong Disneyland has a Mickey Mouse surfing the spout of a whale outside its entrance, while Tokyo Disney Sea (representing the Tokyo Disney Resort) has the majestic Aquasphere.  In Shanghai Disneyland, there is a fountain as well, featuring a paddleboat Mickey chugging along in place over a plume of water.  It's a whimsical piece and a natural photo op.  And I just find it kind of interesting to me that while none of the western hemisphere Disney parks have aquatic feature entrances, most of the eastern hemisphere Disney parks do!

Mickey Mouse rides a fountain jet in front of the entrance to Shanghai Disneyland.


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