Parisian Garlands in the Air

 Yesterday's post about Hong Kong Disneyland's blue-ish show lighting during a nighttime photo run five years ago... that was an exception, because at Hong Kong Disneyland, the lighting is predominantly warm, similar to our own Disneyland in Anaheim.  But in Disneyland Paris, the ambient holiday lighting IS cool, and it shows up tinged that way in every nighttime photo I took of Main Street the night I closed out the park on my trip last year.  Most of it came from the overhead garlands, which shifted through LED blues and purples.  It made for a different ambiance for sure, though maybe it was all in concert with the French-ness of it all (France's national soccer--I mean football--team is Les Bleus after all).  But all the same, Main Street remained a lovely, grand, charming sight at the end of evening, holiday hue and all.

A quiet Christmas Main Street at Disneyland Paris.


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