The Enchanted Jungle Christmas Ride

Though the Jingle Cruise may have gone away, its enchantment is here to stay... in our memories.  The colorful, kitschy, eclectic holiday overlay of the popular and corny Jungle Cruise was chock full of delightful puns, outlandish visual gags, and plenty of exotic absurdity, but it was also strikingly photogenic at night, imbuing the magic of the Christmas light display vibe to create a lavishly vibrant series of holiday scenes.  This is the sort of ambiance I miss from other parts of Disneyland during the holidays, since the park mostly focuses on theming Main Street, with Toon Town also decorated and a bit of Critter County and Frontierland to boot.  And though we won't have Disneyland to enjoy this holiday season at all, perhaps next year might feature a bit more expanded holiday decorations to make up for it all?

One can only wish.

The nighttime, colorful magic of the former Jingle Cruise Christmas overlay.


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