A Prism of a Christmas Tree

I've said before that Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Street is an exercise in the uncanny valley of something that's looks very familiar, yet isn't quite so.  The elements are all there, but they are a crisp, perfect, and shiny.  Some storefronts have slightly different names.  Other stores are in different locations relative to Anaheim.  It's all very familiar--and yet not at the same time.

Well, this extends to Hong Kong Disneyland's main Christmas tree in Town Square, which towers above the street much like Anaheim's, is located at the head of Town Square much like ours, but is distinctively more colorful and differently detailed, with hundreds or thousands of round orb ornaments instead of a classic variety, and color-changing LED lights that seem more densely gridlike instead of the traditional string light aesthetic of the first Disneyland.  This lends a more refreshed vibe to the Christmas scene, which goes with Hong Kong's general aesthetic of feeling just a tad manufactured, because everything has a sheen to it, even if representing an atmosphere that should be a little more aged.  

It's okay, though.  The scene still look pretty amazing, and Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Street is as much of a joy to photograph at night as our own.  The bonus is that Hong Kong's empties out a lot more quickly, which means I don't have to wait an hour and a half to get this shot as relatively empty as it is!

A colorful and towering Christmas stands tall in Hong Kong Disneyland's Town Square.


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