The Hong Kong Holiday Hub

Four years ago wasn't that long ago, but a whole lot has happened in just four years, and it feels like ages ago that it was 2016 (granted, 2020 has felt like a decade or two just by itself).  But four years ago marked my second visit to Hong Kong Disneyland.  It was actually the second of back to back years that I visited the Asian Disney parks, and a year in which I visited all four of the Disney theme parks on that continent.  Although Shanghai Disneyland is larger and grander in scale, and Tokyo Disney is just immaculate and incredible, Hong Kong Disneyland is an underrated and strong Magic Kingdom in its own right--and much less stressful thanks to its lower crowds.  And during the holiday season, it dresses up just as much as its more notable sibling parks.  This scene from The Hub is one example, with festive lights and garland and ornaments and presents and Christmas trees, and Mickey and Minnie in the middle of it all.  It's a warm celebration of the Christmas season, and a wistful nostalgia of what somehow feels like more innocent times.

Christmas at The Hub in Hong Kong Disneyland from four years ago.


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