Oogie's Frightfully Fun Parade

Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls! It's the spookiest day of the year, and this season has certainly been a welcome return more to (but not completely to) normal.  To celebrate my favorite holiday, here are some photos of the Frightfully Fun Parade at Disney California Adventure during the Oogie Boogie Bash.  This parade debuted a few years ago at Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland, and it made the move to DCA when the Resort's Halloween separate-ticket event came over also.  The parade is indeed frightfully fun, and though it's no Boo to You, it's still a cute and charming celebration of Disney Halloween!

Mickey, Minnie, and friends welcome guests to the parade.

It's the Frightfully Fun Parade!

The Mayor of Halloween Town is the marshal of the parade.

He's trailed by the vampires from the classic movie.

They strike a spooky pose!

Naturally, Jack Skellington and Sally follow.

And Zero is there too!

Fittingly, since they share the same attraction this time of year, the Hitchhiking Ghosts come after Jack and company.

They're joined by the ballroom dancers of the Haunted Mansion.

Constance Hatchaway is eerie on the Haunted Mansion float.

The gravediggers add dance and percussion to the parade.

Next are stiltwalkers representing Dr. Facilier's friends from the other side!

There's the charismatic voodoo doctor himself!

More villains arrive, including Ursula.

Cinderella's step-family is here too, as are the Queen of Hearts and Captain Hook.

The spectacular villains float caps off the end of the parade.

Hades and Cruella have the spotlight.

The Evil Queen brews up a poison potion too!

And the mischievous Chesire Cat brings up the end!


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