Villains Grove

After missing out on Oogie Boogie Bash two years ago but then seeing photos of the event, I decided that I would definitely attend this year.  And the number one reason for that decision was Villains Grove, the incredible walkthrough spooky light show inspired by and dedicated to some of Disney's most infamous baddies.  There are no actual characters in this experience, and the beauty of it all is entirely scenic.  But that beauty is positively spectacular, and it provides endless photo ops along the trail, showcasing a mastery of lighting and 3D mapping projections.  Here are some photos of Villains Grove at the end of the night.

Entering Villains Grove, at DCA during Oogie Boogie Bash.

The first scene is a series of candles, evoking the churchlike setting of the Cathedral of Notre Dame and referencing Claude Frollo.

Thorny brine wraps around the rocks and woods in this Sleeping Beauty derived scene.

Things get psychedlic with colorful swirls from Alice in Wonderland.

This looks to be the work of the Chesire Cat.

Swirly and swirly and swirly it goes.

The Queen of Hearts appears as a hologram of pinpoint lights.

Color-changing roses illuminate the backdrop.

Looking down on the Lion King area.

This area imagines Scar's elephant graveyard hangout.

Bursts of mist seem to warn guests to "Be Prepared."

Dr. Facilier dances in projection form with help from his friends on the other side.

The Evil Queen's lightning forest create a climactic near-finale.

The trees burst in different colors.

Lighting strikes bring fright to the air.

The wisps of Brave guide guess away from the lightning forest and to safety.

It's a captivating field of lasers.

So peaceful and pleasant...

As dawn approaches, the forest glimmers with light.

Guests escape Villains Grove as a brilliant "sunrise" appears.


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