The Malevolent Manor

All of the other Haunted Mansions of the world are grand and stately, but at Disneyland Paris, the Phantom Manor is dark and brooding, as though its insidious spirit inside has manifested itself across the ramshackle appearance of this formerly thriving estate.  I've often said before that the building resembles the Psycho House, with its wood-clad, dilapidated appearance, and the comparison always fits.  With its profile as a haunted house on a haunted hill, Phantom Manor oozes dark forces and unholy intensions.  It is the antithesis of Walt Disney's original proclamation for his Haunted Mansion, but the way everything comes together makes Phantom Manor a classic in its own right.  Sure, it may not look pretty on the outside, but at least it's open and honest!

Phantom Manor, on a day where the clouds are rolling in.


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