The El CapiTOON in CGI Magic

I am not a morning person, and even back in my all-day Disney trips, I pretty much never made it into the park early enough to be at rope drop and take advantage of the fleeting moments when daytime scenes might still be devoid of people.  So I have to resort to Photoshop trickery if I'm to ever come close to taking daytime photos of empty(ish) Disneyland.  That's what I did last months when I rode Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway.  At the time, the attraction still required Virtual Queue, which limited the number of people who could even enter Mickey's Toontown.  Nonetheless, my photos were still often full of people walking through the foreground, so I took multiple exposures of various angles of the El CapiTOON Theater and blended them together to eliminate as many guests and Cast Members as I could to approach a pristine composition.  

These are hardly perfect, but they do portray what the El CapiTOON might look like right after park opening.  And they're kind of cool in this fantasy way!


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