A Small World Aglow

Last night, I paid a visit to Disneyland with my wife.  Among the attractions that we rode was the Jungle Cruise, which I love for its corny jokes and puns but which she's less thrilled about... because of its corny jokes and puns.  But she was a trooper and rode anyway, and in return, later in the evening, when we passed by It's a Small World and saw that it was a 5-minute way... we rode that. 

This is what marriage is about. Compromise.  My wife was gracious enough to ride an attraction that she didn't particularly love.  In return, I rode It's a Small World, which no adult without children loves.  And to commemorate the occasion, here are some golden hour photos from the exterior of the beloved classic, featuring a beautifully hazy afternoon!

(Confession: it's not actually that bad, and it does remind me of happy childhood memories riding with my parents.)


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