CenTOONial Park

While most of the attention coming with the revamp of Mickey's Toontown was understandably focused on Mickey & Minnie's Railway and the new and vibrant El CapiTOON Theater--not to mention the adorable Mickey & Minnie fountain in front of it--there were other new components of the Toontown transformation too.  One is CenTOONial park, a playground area replacing a smaller and underutilized park space in the same location and anchored by the Wishing Tree.  In the renderings, the tree was a grand and majestic exhibit of natural shade.  In real life, the tree has... been a little diminished from that portrayal.  Fortunately, over time, it will grow and become that central anchor.  In the meantime, artificial tree roots and a rubberized playground surface allows younger kids to explore and play and clamber to enjoy this part of the land and imbue more activity.  Here are a few shots from the new park space.


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