Sailing into Dreams

Tokyo Disney Sea is nicknamed the "Sea of Dreams" because it really is a theme park unlike anything else in reality.  Its hyper-realistic, ultra-immersive theming and ambiance transport guests to destinations both far and imaginary, from Venice, Tuscany, Portfino, New York, San Francisco, and New England to seaports of the future, underwater lagoons, mysterious rainforests, a submerged caldera, and more!  Every aspect of this park is escapist and fantastical, yet it feels and looks so incredibly real and vivid.  It's the type of park that is amazing to just behold, and it will also ruin any Disney fan who visits because the other Disney Parks--despite being excellent themselves (except Walt Disney Studios, I suppose)--seem to pale in comparison.  Perhaps that's the biggest dream of all--the wonder of being in such a spectacular domain!

A beautiful nautical display at Tokyo Disney Sea many years ago for its 15th Anniversary celebration.


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