Port Reflections at San Fransokyo

Similar to the premise of yesterday's Mickey's Toontown post, I had yet to stop by and do a proper end of night photo run at the new San Fransokyo Square since its debut last late summer.  The photos I've posted thusfar have been largely hand-held, framed to avoid or minimize guests.  Last Saturday, I hit the parks hopefully to capture some rainy evening reflections photos because there was light rain in the forecast.  While said precipitation never really materialized, I did end up doing a nice nighttime photo run, snapping pairs of photos on my tripod at long exposures and low ISO, to capture the grandeur of this revitalized successor to Pacific Wharf.

The moneyshot of all of this might be the perspective of the land from the bridge over to Pixar Pier.  With the towering and luminous Torii Gate Bridge, the electric lighting of San Fransokyo Square, and the integrated reflections from the wharf area waterfront setting, this scene is visually stunning.  It commands a wide frame, and I was all too happy to record the vibrant yet peaceful ambiance of this Big Hero 6-inspired land!

The Torii Gate Bridge is reflected in the San Fransokyo waterfront, along with light signage indicate the port!


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