A Holiday Pier-adise

Last year, I posted a very similar photo of this scene of the holidays at Paradise Pier. That was an HDR photo generated from multiple exposures.  I find it interesting to look back at the techniques I used a year ago to achieve what's basically the same intent as what I accomplish through simply shooting in RAW these days--that is, a crisp, clear, evenly blacked photo that exposes detail in both highlights and shadows. 

It showcases the advancements in digital camera technology over the past five years, since that shot was also taken on my older Nikon D300, while this one below is from my new Nikon D600.  The difference (besides a bit of white balance adjustments, and the angle of the shot): last year's photo took much longer to edit, since I had to tone map and adjust in Photomatix, then import the final processed photo plus the various exposure layers into Photoshop and further mask parts of the image to get an even exposure.  Below?  Much more quickly done thanks to the power of Adobe Camera Raw.

There really wasn't a thematic point to this post, other than to muse about the differences in two pictures taken a year apart.

Paradise Pier's offering to Christmas is elegant and stately.


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