The Approach

As I mentioned in a previous post, the approach to Disney's Aulani is not just a walk up to the porte cochere.  It's a build-up of various senses.  Visually, of course, those grand hotel towers soar high above the trees, beckoning explorers to come closer. The lush vegetation is exactly what you'd expect from paradise, but more subtle are the rhythmic drum beats of an adventurous island harmony.  The scents of the tropical flowers along the way paint an idyllic perfume of paradise, and as the lobby nears, the music grows louder and louder, urging guests on, welcoming them in.  This isn't overt if you're in a rush to get in, but taking some time to soak in the atmosphere will definitely yield a chance to experience this wonderful programmed entry!

The approach to the entrance of Aulani is a multi-sensory build-up of visual and musical anticipation.


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