A Reimagined Market House

By now, you may have heard that Starbucks has entered Disneyland Park in the form of the reopened Market House, which no longer serves Nestle coffee and now offers beverages and foods from that worldwide-conquering company from the Pacific Northwest.  This change has certainly been controversial, igniting a firestorm of debate between Disney traditionalists and progressive Disney park fans, but I think the atmosphere has been pretty well retained.  Aside from an admittedly massive queue area that feels cavernous when there are only a few people in line (so basically at the end of the night), the details and coziness of a turn-of-the-century coffee house have been retained.  Corporate branding does appear, but in the aesthetic fitting of Main Street.  And frankly, no matter what your views on Starbucks as a company, I think most people can agree that the coffee will be an improvement over the old packaged product!

The Market House, newly reopened, lays dormant after closing--the only time it is this calm!


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