A Speedy Twain

Sunrise on Saturday morning of the Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour event wasn't exactly sunrise.  Those pesky "May gray" clouds obscured pretty much any attempt of solar radiation.  So I had to get my creative shots elsewhere, and I found my idea on the far side of the Rivers of America.

Taking advantage of the still relatively dim ambient illumination, I was able to use a longer shutter speed to capture the Mark Twain in motion.  This was at about 5:50 AM, just a few minutes after technical sunrise.  I thought it was pretty neat that the Mark Twain was still giving out rides at this hour--it's certainly a site almost never seen.  By this point, I was pretty exhausted, but the opportunity of a neat photo was definitely something I could not pass up!

An sunrise-hour long exposure creates a zooming effect for the Mark Twain.


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