Purple Hour at The Hub

It's quite rare to be inside Disneyland before dawn (unless you're part of the graveyard crew who does maintenance on the park overnight). So the 24-hour events the Disneyland Resort has had over the past three years have offered very unique opportunities to do just that.  This photo, from the Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour day, was taken a little after 5:00PM.  Surprisingly, there were still a lot of people here this year.  Comparatively, last year, many people had left by this hour, although neither year approaches the packed-like-sardines nature of 2012's Leap Day event.  As the skies slowly began to lighten, I began my photo march, grabbing pictures wherever I thought I might have a good view.  This photo, after some processing, ended up with an interesting purple hue, which I thought was rather unique.  It certainly fits the mood, though!

Half an hour before sunrise at The Hub during the Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour event.


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