More Undersea Adventures

Recently, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure, reopened after an annual refurbishment.  Most noticeable among the changes was the lighting in several of the scenes to a black light based scheme, which made everything look softer and more realistic, but also a little more challenging to photograph. In addition, more static fish were added, and "Kiss the Girl" Ariel received a new hair treatment!

Here are some snapshots from my most recent ride aboard this attraction.

As usual, Scuttle greets guests at the beginning of the ride and begins his convoluted narration.

Changes are noticed immediately in the first scene, with the addition of more sealife and a change in lighting.

The "Part of Your World" scene remains largely unchanged.

...Except for the lighting, which is softer.  Less spotlights.

The "Under the Sea" scene remains wonderfully fantastic.  The entire room is under black light now.

This makes Sebastian easier to photograph in my opinion, though he's an exception to this.

Ariel's hair did not revert to "strawberry soft serve" mode in this scene. Even though that was more amusing (to me).

Ursula is just as impressive as ever.

The sea witch is all for helping those "poor unfortunate souls."

In "Kiss the Girl," Sebastian serenades Ariela and Prince Eric.

Ariel's hair has been changed here to more realistic "human" hair rather something rubbery.

Finally, everyone lives happily ever after, and there's a great celebration.

Princess Ariel and Prince Eric wave goodbye to the guests.


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