The Radiator Springs Racers

Though I've posted many a photo from the exterior of Radiator Springs Racers, I've never really photographed the interior.  Yes, part-dark ride and part-thrill ride, Cars Land's premiere E-Ticket attraction is a combo experience that's fun for family and adrenaline junkies at once.  But the inside part is quite a challenge to shoot, because the scenes are dark, and the ride vehicles move briskly.  Still, a few visits ago, I did manage to snag a few shots of some of the characters guests meet while on the ride.

Sheriff warns the guest racers to slow down early on in the ride. After all, they're not racing... yet.

Red the fire truck waters some flowers in Radiator Springs.

Luigi and Guido await the racers before they take off.

After the race, Lightning McQueen and Mater are present to greet guests and congratulate them on a great race.


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