Big Thunder Queue

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's return has generally been greeted with great excitement and positive reviews of the ride upgrades, but it wasn't just the roller coaster experience that was refurbished when the ride was down last year and this year.  Everything about the attraction was completely fixed up and repainted, and that TLC is very evident while waiting in line for the "Wildest Ride in the Wilderness."  The town of Rainbow Ridge (formerly named "Big Thunder") looks beautiful and vibrant, with fresh, refurbished sets and rockwork and signage and such.  It's great to take in the little details and observe the wonderful renewal the Imagineers have given this classic ride!

Mining equipment is all over the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad queue.

Rainbow Ridge looks absolutely gorgeous.

On a beautiful blue sky day, everything really comes alive.

Wayfinding around Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The finale of the ride still has those nifty fossils, rocks, and waterfalls!


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