Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blue Skies in Fantasyland

Here's another snapshot that isn't necessarily anything spectacular, but triggers some nostalgia of my own childhood spent at Disneyland.  This is looking southward from an area I featured in a blog post last year.  Long before I was even born, it was home to the Motor Boat Cruise, a quaint little underwater track boat ride in a far corner of Fantasyland.  When I took this photo last year, I was drawn to the sunny, relaxing atmosphere, and it conjured up memories of Disneyland as a kid, when every time I went seemed to be a beautiful day, and long hours of the day were spent in Fantasyland (because I was too young to ride much of anything else!).  Today, this area is a bit of respite from the crowds (except during parade time), and it's a pretty little serene place to just enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth!

Looking back at the Matterhorn from the old Motor Boat Cruise area.

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