A Bazaar Sight Indeed

A few weeks ago, I posted a very unpopulated daytime photo of Adventureland in front of the Adventureland Bazaar.  That is a pretty rare sight to capture, but empty Adventureland at night is usually much easier.  The secret, as it is with any empty nighttime shot, is to wait.  Wait for the land to clear... for the last guests to exit the rides and leave the store.  Wait until the only people remotely close are Disneyland security, and then set up and take the shot. 

So when people ask how I'm able to get these empty park shots, there's the answer.  The photos below were taken after 12:30AM.  So it's definitely necessary to stay late.  But those are the rewards.  Consider it "choosing wisely," something that a nearby attraction used to boast would yield "true rewards."

Adventureland stands empty in the still of the night.

This is such a peaceful contrast to the normal hectic pace of this jungle-themed land!


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