La Mascarade d'Orleans

Part of the Post-Club 33-modernization updates to New Orleans Square include a re-envisioned Mascarade d'Orleans store. No longer selling pins, it has now been repurposed as a boutique selling a greater variety of wares, from soaps to trinkets to clothing to books.  I find this to be an improvement over the singularly-focused previous iteration.  The interior lavishments are also quite nice. The opulent chandeliers, warm wood shelving, and coffered ceilings create a cozy but inviting space.  Though the merchandise seems more female-oriented than male, it's still a pleasant space to peruse.

An intricate little sign marks La Mascarade's presence in New Orleans Square.

The interiors is a long and narrow space, but rich and welcoming.

The hanging chandeliers make for a lovely touch.  Not authentic, of course, but a pretty representation.

This door leads out toward New Orleans Square Station.

A look at the main counter and display area.

And this nook on the opposite end of the shop.


  1. Great photos as always. Thanks.

  2. Is this what it used to look like?

    1. Yes, two years ago, but different from the version before the remodel.

  3. Is this what it used to look like?


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