Grimhilde's Dungeon

They call it Snow White's Scary Adventures for a reason--it's the most frightening dark ride in Fantasyland (relatively speaking)! Originally, when the attraction opened in 1955, it was simply "Snow White and Her Adventures," but children often came off the ride in tears from the dark vibe of the ride, which follows the dark vibe of the movie storyline.  So the attraction was eventually renamed to its current monicker, and (if I recall correctly) during the 1983 Fantasyland remodel, a sinister looking overlay given to the beginning of the queue--the thought being if kids weren't scared away by this sinister scene, they should be ok.

Thus, when riders first enter the line, under the archway and to the left, they see a dungeon scene that's a bit macabre.  The Evil Queen's magic potion book, a stark skull, and eerie stone figures foreshadow a potentially scary ride.  For a photographer like me, however, this scene makes for a fun subject to photograph. The purples and magentas and blues make for great lighting, and the atmosphere almost feels like Halloween. Well, to me at least.

A detail while waiting in line for Snow White's Scary Adventures.
And all the donations people have cast to the Evil Queen. Well, "to the Evil Queen."
I should also mention that these images were the result of the Nikkor 28mm f/1.8 lens Michael Besant let me borrow when he was in town, during our "Dark Rides Photography" meet-up!


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