Christmas in New New Orleans

New Orleans Square looks doubly different this time of year, because in addition to the holiday decorations that have popped up throughout the land, this is the first winter season after the Club 33 expansion that brought some noticeable changes to this Crescent City themed area.

The area between Cafe Orleans and the French Market restaurants has seen one of the most changes, with the addition of large windows to the hallway leading to the Club 33 Main Dining Hall and a new bridge connecting to the two Club 33 dining spaces altering the scale and detail of the area.  Analyzed in a micro context, the additions may appear a little foreign, but in the grand atmosphere of the area, I think they work, and as Christmas time has come to the Disneyland Resort, I've found the garland and ornaments to add a nostalgic and romantic charm to the area.  It's the holiday spirit that brings with it warm feelings and kind tidings, and New Orleans Square continues to pervade beauty and elegance.  It's a wonderful place to shoot photos during this winter season!

Holiday garland decorates the windows above New Orleans Square in this post-Club 33 expansion scene.


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