Ornament Expanses

The last time I took an empty, expansive shot of this area, I noticed at the end of my processing that there was a lone stroller in the far distance--the lone blemish in an otherwise "perfectly" composed photo.  Well, when I was presented with another opportunity for the view, I made sure absolutely no evidence of human passer by was existent. After all, in Cars, there are no humans around. Everything is "auto"-pomorphized, which is part of the charm of the setting. 

The other is the romance and allure of the wide open west presented in the movie.  Ornament Valley is beautiful, magnificent, and sprawling with natural splendor. And Cars Land recreates that magnificently.  Look at the scene below, and I challenge you to argue this!

Very early morning, way back on the first day of this year, in Ornament Valley.


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