A Festive Native-ity Scene

Last week, I mentioned how this year's Jingle Cruise has taken a turn for the excess, and what started out as a few visual gags last year has evolved into a full-fledged, in-your-face Christmas downpour in the Jungle. Well, here are some nighttime examples from headhunter territory (a terrible place to be headed!).  The natives are dressed in ugly Christmas sweaters, and holiday lights have been draped every which way.  It makes no sense why the jungle should suddenly be decorated in this fashion, and even in the storyline under which the Jingle Cruise operates, logic has been thrown out the window. 

And yet, I still love it.  The Jungle Cruise has always been about cornball comedy and complete lack of elegance, and this just amplifies everything to the nth degree.  I understand those who might not be so enthusiastic. Ultimately, it boils down to preferences and beliefs in how Disney attractions should be executed.  But I'm willing to make allowances here, despite how over-the-top everything is.  Even at Disneyland, I think there's a place for silliness!

The headhunters circle around singing war chants...

...or perhaps they're native Christmas carols?

What the locals call "arts and crafts" has really gotten a colorful touch.

Everything is adorned in Christmas decorations, and it's absurd and entertaining at the same time.


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