Another Carthay Circle Christmas

It's been a couple of years since Disney California completed its five years expansion program in grand fashion with the addition of Cars Land and the reimagining of Sunshine Plaza into Buena Vista Street.  At the latter, the Christmas decorations have reinforced the transformation of a kitschy pop culture-centric area into an elegant, charming neighborhood.  And over at Carthay Circle, the "uptown" portion of this district, the kinetic holiday energy really comes to life as guests coming to and from intersecting paths converge upon this "hub" of DCA.  The magnificent Carthay Circle Restaurant tower stands as a bold icon, and the wonderful lighting infuses a holiday glitz into the atmosphere.

I literally waited ten minutes for the cast members standing in the foreground to finish speaking with their friends, who were in the park as guests, but they literally stood there for at least that long. Finally, I decided to snap the couple of exposures I needed anyway.  The result still turned out nicely, I think!


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