La Tanière du Dragon

Beneath Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris, there lies a fearsome secret, slumbering until disturbed from its peace.  Guests who bypass the route through the castle and instead take a side path to the left will find themselves in La Tanière du Dragon, or the "dragon's lair," where they come face to face with a life size animatronic beast.  It's one of my favorite little bits from the park, and not necessarily a highly advertised attraction.  But this walk-through sight is certainly awe-inspiring, and the movement, growls, and smoke breathing certainly make for a realistic effect.

Here are a few photos from the dragon's chamber for your enjoyment!

The dragon is chained to the cave rockwork and slumbers most of the time.

But occasionally, it awakens!

Here's an overview of the cavern, to give a sense of the size of the space underneath the castle!


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