The Merriest Cruise that Ever Set Sail

As Christmas draws near, lets take a look at the only time of the year when I deem it acceptable to take a ride on It's a Small World. Normally a traumatizing (for me) family-friendly ride with the most unmistakable for unforgettable (in ways good and bad) hook in Disney park history, during Christmas time, the overlay makes the repetitive world peace anthem a little more tolerable with a dose of fun and friendly holiday cheer.  Yes, I--a member of the Loves To Hate Small World fan club--will admit to actually kind of enjoying the Christmas version of this ride.  So here are some shots from inside!

The ride starts by cruising by the North Pole, where Santa is looking through his list of naughty and nice children.

The holiday overlay is evident from the very beginning.

Early on, there are best wishes for the new year as we sail by France.

A large Christmas tree graces our presence.

As we continue through Europe, we see some scenes untouched by the holiday brush.

In other parts, there is definitely a festive sense in the air, like here in Asia.

Africa is mostly normal we float through.

I used to call this the LSD hippo due to its haunting eyes.

Onto Mexico, where a feast has been prepared for Christmas.

Christmas is a time for family and food. Both very important!

The Three Caballeros are represented in Mary Blair mannequin form.

Over to Hawaii, where best wishes for Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) are conveyed by Lilo & Stitch and crew.

Onto the United States, which is apparently all farmers (and cowboys).

And then we pass into the final and international room.

A giant snowman wishes us happy holidays.

Here, all the children of the world come together to wish us a season of peace and harmony.

Yes, peace on earth, and good will toward all!

And then it's time to finish off the attraction.

May this holiday season reignite the child within all of us!


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