Nightmare Invading the Mansion

A week and a half ago, I took another ride on Haunted Mansion Holiday, and of course, I snapped some photos inside.  Lets take another ride on this beloved Christmas attraction!

The elaborately dressed loading station.

I do love this year's gingerbread house. I mean, I love every year's, but this one's a foodie!

House closed.

Zero floats around a Halloween Town Christmas tree!
Vampire duck!!
This jack-o-lantern candle fixture is pretty neat.
Good list, or bad list?

Vampire Teddy sits on a tree following the attic scene.

Skeleton Jack as Sandy Claws!

And his ever-faithful dog, Zero, by his side!

The graveyard scene is pretty much impossible to shoot, due to the moving vehicles and very dim lighting...

But I got stopped at this scene for several moments, so I managed to get... something sort of usable!

Trumpeting pumpkin angels.

Oogie Boogie is, of course, always up to his tricks.

New this year (I believe) at the exit is an animatronic Sally, bidding guests goodbye.


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