Blue Hour Bakery

Lets make it back-to-back blue hour shots, shall we? Yesterday featured the Tower of Terror from an elevated perspective. Today, we venture to Disneyland Park and return to ground level at the Jolly Holiday.

Since it opened a few years ago, this mainstay at the end of Main Street has consistently served delicious soups, sandwiches, salads, sweets, and drinks.  It's not quite as regularly crowded as it used to be, but I always find at least some line when I go, and the evolving menu remains tasty.  Fares are always fresh and flavorful, and the seating area provides a great place to people watch and take in the ambience.  It's also one of the better lit seating areas in the park, so recently, I've even found myself spending some studying sessions there, just because the ambiance is so nice.  Hey, whatever you gotta do!

Dusk descends on the Jolly Holiday Bakery.


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